Deployment methodology


HBT aims to provide a thorough and effective process to deploy the right technology for your business. We can do this on a project basis, or through and outsourcing contract. Following a rigorous look into business analytics, we will complete the following steps:


You can’t find optimal solutions unless you know exactly where you stand with your hardware, software and human resources.


We look at your big picture and make a complete assessment.


HBT provides expert recommendations and options, highlighting return on investment details.


Upon approval, our experienced engineers design a system to meet current and future business needs.


Technology gets upgraded, migrated or installed with skill and expertise.


User Acceptance Testing takes place to ensure the system operates as expected.


We develop and provide you with hardware and software documentation.


HBT completes the deployment by training your staff on how to use the new system.

This process can be followed by a discussion of future support and upgrade requirements.


HBT provides a complete spectrum of network support and consulting services to contact centers around the world. Reduce costs and stress with customized, flexible solutions provided by highly skilled engineers. We excel and adapt so you can exceed expectations.