With a breadth of experienced engineers available for outsourcing, HBT is your premier partner in efficiently managing any data, voice or contact center. Outsourcing IT services can accelerate your business growth as it frees your time and internal resources to focus squarely on your core competencies.

Finding the right partner to Intrust with the management of your infrastructure is a critical choice that can have a lasting impact on your business. We recommend that your business leadership team evaluate an IT services company by getting the answers to the following questions:

Does the IT company have a proven track record in your vertical industry?
Are its IT services aligned with best practices?
Is the company’s outsourcing business robust and growing?
Does it foster solid relationships with its hardware vendors?

At HBT, we can answer all of these questions with a resounding “yes.” We manage vendors and clients, address crises, troubleshoot problems and run your network on your behalf—in the right way, the right place and always at the right time. We invest in our people, processes and systems in order to move beyond management of finite technologies and into management of entire technology domains or “towers” in the IT infrastructure space.

Interested in a different level of support? Check out Support and Managed Services for additional options.


HBT provides a complete spectrum of network support and consulting services to contact centers around the world. Reduce costs and stress with customized, flexible solutions provided by highly skilled engineers. We excel and adapt so you can exceed expectations.